webteszt IT secutity monitoring

Have you ever thought about how secure the IT system of your business is? Is your sensitive data properly managed or is it accessible for anyone? Could your website be ruined? Is it possible to illegally reach protected information?

Would you like to find out the answers to the above questions? Do you want to check whether your website or your company’s IT systems are safe from outer attacks? If yes, then I have good news for you. With the help of our webteszt (pronunciation: ‘webtest’) ethical hacking with success fee service, you can monitor the IT security of your business easily, quickly, and with excellent conditions.

What does ‘ethical hacking’ mean?

The term ‘ethical hacking’ refers to the security testing of an organization’s information system from the outside. Just like real hackers, we screen and inspect our client’s information system, exploring and locating weak points and security breaches. But unlike real hackers, we do not do it with the aim of causing harm. On the contrary, by finding and eliminating flaws, we strengthen the security of the system.

How does our webteszt IT security service work?

Before the project begins, we sign a nondisclosure agreement in which we agree to protect your confidential information from all third parties.

Our service comes with a success fee, which means that we only charge you if we find some serious failure or security breach during the time of monitoring, which is maximum 4 weeks. If we cannot detect such threats, then our service is free, and you can be satisfied with the security of your system. But if we do find something, it means that you have made a very good decision in entrusting us with the exploration of such failures. Just think about it: if such a ”discovery” would have happened in a sharp (illegal) situation, it could have caused serious damage for you.

Where is the monitoring done?

During our security check, we examine the websites and the computers running them from the outside. We put ourselves in the attacker’s place, and try to gain control over the computers like a real hacker does.

We assume that you have an appointed supervisor of your website who is entitled to add or modify contents and perform maintenance of the site. You certainly wouldn’t want an unauthorized user to access it. However, this is exactly what a hacker does, trying to slip through security rifts and gain authorizations illegally. If he succeeds, then he can alter your website as he pleases. If he manages to reach even deeper into the system, then it is also possible for him to gain access to all your mail and confidential information, and even to send out mail in the name of your company. He can install a malicious program to your website and infect the computers of your visitors, or replace the whole website as well.

Our job is to prevent such unwanted activity. Just like hackers, we search the system for security deficiencies. After this, we report them to you and help to make up for them.

How do we execute the webteszt check?

As a first step, we scan your IP addresses with hacker programs. These will detect most known security failures and reveal the available solutions.

As a second step, we identify the failures of the ftp, smtp, pop3, ssh protocols. This scanning will detect threats in three categories:

- In the first category, there are mild warnings that are not able to break into the system, but because of security reasons, these have to be detected, too.
- The second category involves possible threats that need further checking.
- The third category is a direct threat that needs immediate intervention. (In case of such failures, the attacker can gain administration (root) licenses on the server, or licenses to add, change or delete confidential information.)

As a third step, we execute the monitoring of your website. This includes manual checking, cms identification, and sql injection scanning. Detected failures will be checked and evaluated.

As a last step, after finishing all checks, we compile our webteszt monitoring report that includes all detected failures and security breaches.

Why is it worth it for you?

Because with us, you don’t have to take risks. If we are unable to detect any failures, you can relax and be sure that your system is safe from most of harms, and you won’t have to pay at all. But if we do find any threats, you will avoid great dangers!

Why us?

Furthermore, the monitoring is done by an expert having ten years of experience in the field of information security, who also served as an information security specialist in the permanent staff of the Hungarian police.

How much do you have to pay for the monitoring?

We only charge a fee if we manage to detect a third category threat. In all other cases, the monitoring is completely free!

For our pricing please call 0036702362301 or write us e-mail for further details.

What’s next?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Do not leave the future of your business up to mere chance! It may as well be completely free for you! Contact us here: